Do you want to become part of the fastest-growing sports community in Flanders, or as an experienced player, do you want to perfect your technique? Then you’re in good hands at our ChiKita Padel Academy in Antwerp and the Ghent Padel Academy in Ghent. They organize series of lessons and camps for all skill levels and ages.

Our partners


The padel school ChiKita, led by Shana Oyen and Glenn Laureys, is the reference in Antwerp when it comes to quality lessons.

Shana is a member of Belgium’s national team and has over 15 years of experience in coaching. With a fantastic team of certified trainers, ChiKita is responsible for the Padel by Tennis Vlaanderen lessons and annually trains several coaches.


Ghent Padel Academy is an academy where everyone, young and old, from beginners to advanced players, has the opportunity to improve their technical and tactical skills.

They only work with certified coaches and follow a clear training plan. Dynamism and fun are central to the training sessions at Nick Braet’s padel school.


Mariano Fontaine is a P1000 player and the center manager of GARRINCHA Charleroi.

Whether you are looking to take your first steps in padel or you are an advanced player looking to improve your game, Mariano is happy to assist you.


PadelTiger, the leading padel school where passion and technique come together. The experienced instructors share their love for padel and guide players of all levels on their journey to success.

With a focus on technical skills, strategy, and teamwork, they offer engaging lessons that are both educational and fun. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced player looking to refine your game, PadelTiger provides the right guidance for you.

For beginners

The hype is real! Everyone plays padel, will you join soon too? No other sport is on the rise like padel, so it’s the perfect time to hit your first balls. To assist you with that, we collaborate with the best the padels school in Belgium.

Under the guidance of licensed coaches, we teach beginners the basic techniques. During weekly group or private lessons, you’ll learn various basic shots and the rules of the game, so you’ll be playing fun matches against players of similar skill levels in no time.

For advanced players

Do you already have experience as a Padelito, but you want to fine-tune your technique? During our advanced lessons, you’ll take your game to the next level!

Under the guidance of experienced coaches, you’ll learn the secrets of a perfect vibora, bajada, or chiquita. Chiqui-what? You’ll learn it during customized lesson series or short but intense stages. Padel is a dynamic sport and is constantly evolving as a sport itself. Our coaches constantly update their knowledge, keeping you informed about the latest developments in padel.

Camps & training programs

Youth camps

Does your child dream of becoming a Padelito? There is no better way to master the basic techniques than during our camps. Playing padel, making friends, and working on your technique has never been so much fun.

Training programs adults

Do you want to work intensively on your padel skills in a short period of time? Then a padel camp might be just what you’re looking for! Our padel schools offer challenging evening camps of 3 evenings for adults!