Antwerp South

GARRINCHA is easily accessible by bike, public transportation, or by car. We have a large parking available across from the sports center.

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Antwerp South

5 football pitches

GARRINCHA Antwerp South has 5 high-end football fields of 15m by 30m, enclosed with boards and nets, and the best artificial turf for maximum playing comfort.

4 padel courts

At GARRINCHA Antwerp South, you play on the best indoor padel courts, sheltered from the weather. Choose when you want to play!

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Opening hours

Other hours are also possible upon request via hello@garrincha.be.

Monday – Sunday

10:00 – 00:00

Saturday - Sunday

10:00 – 00:00



Want to be sure we're open? Check our booking platform at garrincha.be or on Playtomic. Can you book? Then you can assume we're opened.

The crew

Jamesky van vlasselaer

Regional MANAGER

Our dedicated regional manager, with his sharp focus on flawless operations, ensures an optimal sports and work experience for both our valued customers and dedicated staff. Jamesky’s commitment not only elevates the team to new heights but also ensures the smooth operation of GARRINCHA Antwerp South & North.

Nicky Koster


Nicky considers it his personal mission to make everyone feel at home at GARRINCHA Antwerp South. With his enthusiasm and love for padel and football, he turns the bar into the coziest spot in Antwerp South.


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