GARRINCHA is easily accessible by bike, public transportation, or by car. We have a large parking area available under the sports center.


5 football pitches

Garrincha Charleroi has 5 high-end football fields measuring 15m by 30m, on top of a Decathlon store. The fields are enclosed with boards and nets and feature the best artificial turf for maximum playing comfort.

5 padel courts

At GARRINCHA Charleroi, you play on the best outdoor padel courts, in a unique location with a fantastic view.

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Openign hours

Other hours are also possible upon request via hello@garrincha.be.

Monday – Sunday

12:00 – 00:00

Saturday - Sunday

10:00 – 00:00

The crew


centrum manager

I do everything to turn every activity, every event, and every birthday party into the ultimate sports experience.



I’m crazy about urban sports, but even more about the happy faces that come to order a drink after they’ve had a fantastic afternoon or evening in the sports hall.