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What is

GARRINCHA® football

GARRINCHA® is a type of football where 10 players play 5vs5 on an artificial grass field surrounded by a boarding and enclosed by several nets. The boarding removes all dead moments, making the game both intensive and accessible. Moreover, it is the most played type of football in France, England and Germany with a total of 15 million players. GARRINCHA® football is a combination of a lot of goals, action, intensity, speed, ball contact and spectacle.

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Characteristics of GARRINCHA® football.

The GARRINCHA® pitch

Dimensions and boarding

The GARRINCHA® field measures 16mx30m and is enclosed by a boarding and multiple nets. The boarding can be used during the game, making the GARRINCHA® football fast, intensive but also accessible. The nets ensure that the ball cannot escape and therefore stays within the field.

Artificial grass

We always opt for the best and latest generation of artificial grass for maximum comfort, safety and performance. Our artificial grass achieves all FIFA Quality Pro & FIFA Quality certifications and is not weather dependent. The fields are also maintained on a weekly basis.

Video recording

All fields are equipped with cameras which can record the entire match of your team and opponent. All recordings can be viewed afterwards for free on the YouTube channel of your local centre.

Multiple pitches

Each center contains a minimum of 4 football fields. Every centre lives and breathes football. GARRINCHA® is primarily a meeting place where athletes share and exchange experiences. “Every game is a home game.”

The main rules of the game.

The GARRINCHA® rules of the game

Number of players

GARRINCHA® is played 5vs5, making it easy to put a team together. During competition matches, the teams consist of four field players and one goalkeeper. With recreational rental, the number of players is chosen freely.


Sport shoes, indoor football shoes and football shoes with short studs are allowed. Iron studs are not allowed to protect the opponents and the durability of our artificial grass mats.

Playing field

You can play with the boarding. When the ball hits the net, it is out and the ball is handed to the opponent’s keeper.

Goal area

Only the goalkeeper may defend his goal area (half circle). When the goalkeeper leaves his goal area, this will be penalised with a shoot-out. When the defender enters the goal area, a shoot-out is awarded to the opposing team. If the attacker enters the goal area, the ball goes to the opponent’s keeper.

Tackles & contact

Slidings or tackles are not permitted. Minimum contact is possible according to the futsal rules. Violations are penalised with a direct free kick. Serious mistakes are punished with a penalty and a yellow or red card.


A shoot-out is only taken in the forward direction. The shoot-out starts at the center spot and ends when the ball is kicked. The goalkeeper takes position just before the goal line. He only starts moving at the start of the shoot-out.


The goalkeeper takes a return ball in his hands and has five seconds to bring the ball back into the game, by either throwing or rolling the ball.

Alle rules

Download an extensive version of all rules which apply during competitions and tournaments for both adults and youth here.