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GARRINCHA® for companies

Teambuilding activities

GARRINCHA® lends you the location for a team building or relaxing after-work among colleagues. GARRINCHA® gives your employees or colleagues an unforgettable sporting experience.

Field rental

Boosting the health of employees creates a positive dynamic in your organisation. It creates more ambitious and happy employees who are committed to the company, colleagues and customers. It connects people with each other and with the company! GARRINCHA® can play a prominent role in this. Rent our fields and let your employees work-out tomorrow!


• 5 vs 5

• Intensive & accessible through boarding

• Required teamwork

• Combination of fun, spectacle & actions

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• 2 vs 2


• Fastest growing sport in the world

• Cross between squash and tennis

• Low threshold = fast playing pleasure

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Play cheaper with prepaid packages!

Do you want to offer sports to your employees during a certain period, but still want to be flexible? Then prepaid credits are certainly interesting for your company. No subscriptions but “pay for what you get”. With prepaid credits you can play on a regular basis and benefit from cheaper rates (up to 30%) when reserving a field. When purchasing one of our 4 packs, you receive extra credits, which means that the price per field drops. Credits can be used for both padel and football. They can not be used for events.

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Gather & Play

Are you looking for an inspiring place to meet in combination with a sporting activity? Then the “Gather & Play” formula is the one for you. We have a fully furnished meeting room perfect for presentations and meetings. After the meeting you can enhance the group feeling through a game of football and/or padel. Each center has table tennis tables which are free to use.


Are you looking for a group activity to stimulate the group dynamics? At GARRINCHA® you can improve mutual cooperation, increase trust and create more group dynamics within your team or organisation.

Ideal teambuilding activities:


GARRINCHA® is a type of football where five against five is played on an artificial grass field surrounded by a boarding and enclosed by a net.


Padel is a racket sport with elements of tennis and squash. This fast-growing racket sport is popular and very accessible.

Archery Tag

A game with real bows and special arrows similar to paintball, but more fun and safer to play for everyone. This creates exciting and funny moments.

Bubble football

Crawl into an inflated ball and get ready for an adventure. Running, jumping, falling, rolling and colliding, everything is possible and everything is allowed! This makes it an absolute fun sport.

Are you interested in a Gather and play or a teambuilding for your team?

If you would like more information, you can request a customised quote from the event manager of your GARRINCHA®center.

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Or perhaps you want to speak to someone directly from your local GARRINCHA® centre?

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