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Pitch rental football

Book a pitch

Pitch rental football

Book a pitch
Pitch rental

GARRINCHA® pitch rental

Book per hour

You can book a football field for 1 hour. After that, extra can be reserved per half hour.


GARRINCHA® provides a ball and vests for every rental. This is only possible in exchange for an identity card. You will receive your ID when you return the borrowed material.

Peak and off-peak hours

There are peak and off-peak hours. Our peak hours are between 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. All other hours are off-peak hours.

Pay online or on site

You can pay a reservation quickly online or pay on site before the start of your match at the bar.

Prepaid credits

Do you wish to play cheaper than the standard rates? Or do you want to make a reservation for your team quickly and easily? See below for more information.

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How do i book a GARRINCHA® pitch?

Book a pitch
Play cheaper and book flexible

GARRINCHA® Prepaid credits

Do you play on a regular basis and do you wish to enjoy cheaper rates (up to 30%) when booking a pitch? A prepaid formula is what you need. You will receive extra credits When you purchase one of our four formulas. The extra credits will drop the price of the pitch per booking.

Advantages of the prepaid packs:

Play cheaper

When purchasing a certain number of credits, we will give you extra credits (bonus). The higher the amount, the more extra credits you will get. The total of your purchased credits and your bonus makes the price per field cheaper.

Pay what you need

No expensive monthly plans which are never used optimally. The prepaid credits remain valid. Choose a formula which fits your frequency and your group.

Ideal for groups

Our formulas are ideal for a group of friends or a team that plays on a regular basis. Once the formula is purchased, the teamcaptain will never have to collect the money from his teammates. Everything has been nicely taken care of in advance.

Easy online management

Manage all your credits and your reservations online. You no longer have to count when making a reservation. It is also possible to book multiple fields on the same day or for different dates.

Our prepaid packs:

Prepaid 15 Pack
  • Pay €250
  • Get 15% extra
  • Get a total of €287,50
  • Price/pitch peak €43,5 (€50)
  • Price/pitch off-peak €34,8 (€40)
Prepaid 25 Pack
  • Pay €500
  • Get 25% extra
  • Get a total of €625,00
  • Price/pitch peak €40 (€50)
  • Price/pitch off-peak €32 (€40)
Prepaid 35 Pack
  • Pay €750
  • Get 35% extra
  • Get a total of €1012,50
  • Price/pitch peak €37 (€50)
  • Price/pitch off-peak €29,6 (€40)
Prepaid 45 Pack
  • Pay €1000
  • Get 45% extra
  • Get a total €1450
  • Price/pitch peak €34,5 (€50)
  • Price/pitch off-peak €27,6 (€40)

Interested in a prepaid package?

You can contact us without obligation using the form below.
We will get back to you within 24 hours!

Pitch Rental

Why choose GARRINCHA®?

Always open!

At GARRINCHA® you can play football any day, any time, 365 days a year. Just call us to reserve your pitch or book directly online.

Fantastic accommodation

Play on our excellent football pitches specially designed for 5-a-side football. Enjoy our clean changing rooms, cozy bar, good accessibility and free parking near the center.


We share the same passion: football! The GARRINCHA Crew is there to give you and your teammates a fantastic football experience. We are always ready to help you and to chat about the beautiful game.

Post-match drinks

Come relax with your teammates in our cozy sports bar with a drink or a snack. View live football matches, or even better: watch your own match with our video replay technology.

Frequently asked questions about pitch rental.

FAQ about pitch rental

We have balls and vests at the reception which you can use for free in exchange for an ID. You should bring your own gloves and sports clothing.

It is permitted to play with all types of shoes except football shoes with long iron studs.

Before you start your activity, you must ask the bar staff to start the recording. After your game you can watch your game live (and later) on the youtube channel of your GARRINCHA sports center.

The changing rooms remain open for everyone. There are storage boxes next to all sports field where you can safely hide your stuff. Don’t forget to bring your own lock.