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Padel courses & clinics

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Available courses

Padel courses & clinics

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Available courses
Padel courses

Hello Padel Academy

Do you want to take your first steps in the fastest growing sport in Belgium or are you already fully in line with the hype and do you want to improve your technique? Or are you rather an advanced player looking for competition training? In that case you are at the right place at the Hello Padel Academy at GARRINCHA®. The Hello Padel Academy led by Ronny Van Langendonck, a reference within the Belgian padel world, offers padel training for all levels and all ages. The Hello Padel Academy was developed by the Argentine WPT player and top coach, Mauri Andrini. Below you can find our extensive range of courses and clinics.

Padel courses of Hello Padel Academy

Led by

Mauri Andrini

Mauri is the founder of Hello Padel. He is a professional player who plays on the WPT (World Padel Tour) and since 2013 he is the number 1 on the BPT (British Padel Tour). Mauri lives and works in London, but the truth is that Mauri is everywhere where padel is present.

Ronny Van Langendonck

Ronny is one of the references within the Belgian padel world. Padel fanatic from the first hour and for more than 25 years engaged in this sport, Ronny is your point of contact at GARRINCHA® Antwerp when it comes to padel.

Is this you?

Does padel no longer hold any secrets for you and would you like to join the Hello Padel trainers? Are you crazy about this sport and would you like to teach your “tips & tricks” to other players? Do not hesitate and contact Ronny Van Langendonck.

For young and old, from beginner to advanced

Our range of courses

Start 2 padel

“Have you never played padel and would you like to become acquainted with the rules of padel? Participate in a Start 2 Padel session and learn the basic techniques of padel. ”


WHAT: 2 coures of 1.5 hours + participation in the weekly Meet & Play
WHO: For everyone who wants to start with padel
WHEN: Monday and wednesday: 19:00 – 20:30 uur or 20:30-22:00
COST: 45,00 EUR per person (court and racket inclusive)

Available courses

Private courses

“Improve your padel technique and play with professional and personal one-to-one padel training ”


WHAT: Individual course of 1 hour. Maximum 2 people
WHO: For anyone who wants to take extra personal lessons
WHEN: Any time of the day, according to availability
COST: Until 18:00: 46,00 EUR per person – After 18:00: € 70,00 EUR per person

Contact us

Group courses

“Improve your padel technique and play in group.”


WHAT: 3 or 6 hours of group lessons – max. 4 people per lesson
WHO: For all levels and all ages
WHEN: Every day, according to availability

Level groups courses:

Padel 4 Kids

• Have your son or daughter take the first steps in padel
• Group courses for youth from 8 to 14 yers

Level 1 (beginner)

• Follow-up session on the “Start 2 Padel”
• You are a starting padel player who wants to go one step further

Level 2 (intermediate)

• You already have a lot of experience in padel but you feel like you can improve your technique and insight
• you are already playing competitive but you want better or more consistent results

Level 3 (advanced)

• You regularly play competition or a tournament and you have a lot of experience
• You want to take your padel game and technique to a much higher level

Rates group courses

Rates apply to both the youth and adults.

Cycle of 3 hours

• 4 people = €50 per person
• 3 people = €68 per person
• 2 people = €100 per person
• 1 person = €205 per person

Cycle of 6 hours

• 4 people = €95 per person
• 3 people = €135 per person
• 2 people = €195 per person
• 1 people = €390 per person

Time of group courses

• Monday: 10:00 – 19:00
• Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 10:00 – 22:00
• Wednesday: 10:00 – 16:00
• Saturday: 14:00 – 18:00

In consultation with the participant(s) and the coach a day is agreed upon while taking the availability of the sites into account.

Feel like following one of our courses?

Feel free to leave your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where can you take padel courses?

GARRINCHA® centres


• 4 indoor padel courts
• Lageweg 356, 2660 Hoboken
• 03 435 11 10

GARRINCHA® Charleroi

• 5 outdoor padel courts
• Chaussée de Bruxelles, 6020 Charleroi
• 03 435 11 10

court rental

Why play at GARRINCHA®?

Always open!

At GARRINCHA® you can padel every day, every moment, for 365 days.

Fantastic facilities

Play on our elite fields specially designed for the best padel competitions. Enjoy our clean changing rooms, cozy bar, good accessibility and free parking near the center.


We share the same passion: padel! The GARRINCHA Crew is there to give you and your teammates a fantastic padel experience. We are always ready to help you and to chat about the fastest growing sport in Belgium.

Post-game drinks

Come relax with your teammates in our cozy sports bar with a drink or a snack. View live padel matches, or even better: watch your own match with our video replay technology.

FAQ about padel courses

Frequently asked questions about padel courses

It is not common but allowed. However, we advise you to start after your training with the “beginner” courses which are a nice follow-up after the Start 2 Padel session.

Our guidelines above can help you in the right direction, but if you are unsure you can always contact Ronny to get your training started.

When reserving (group) courses, the rackets, balls and he field are always included in the price.

You arrange the payment directly with the Hello Padel coaches and therefore you cannot pay with your prepaid credits. Prepaid credits are only intended for the cheaper booking of your padel court or football field.