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Corporate events

Corporate events

GARRINCHA® for companies

a GARRINCHA® corporate event

Are you looking for a sporting, innovative and unforgettable activity for your colleagues, staff or customers? Do you want to bring people from the same sector together outside the existing working environment? Or do you want to organise a family day for young and old? “Look no further!” A GARRINCHA® football and/or padel tournament is the answer. GARRINCHA® is the reference when it comes to organising business tournaments or competitions. We can also produce promo material for your event. GARRINCHA® also provides referees and a tournament manager if you want your event to run smoothly. GARRINCHA® gives your employees, their family or your customers an unforgettable sporting experience.

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Tournament packages

GARRINCHA® is offering tournament packages with both football and/or padel. It is perfectly possible to make a custom package for your event by adding extra activities and catering formula’s all of which you can find at the bottom of this page.

Pro package

What’s included?


  • Tournament event manager
  • Online tournament schedule
  • Field rental, material and facilities
  • Balls, vests, balls, rackets, showers and dressing rooms
  • Qualified referees
  • Games can be recorded and can be streamed to youtube
  • Bottles of water for all teams
  • Team photos

Legendary package

What’s included?


  • PRO package +
  • Cup for alle winners (1,2,3)
  • Medals for all finalists
  • Sports drinks for all players
  • Fruit and sport snacks for all players
  • Beer bucket for the winning team

Ultimate package

What’s included?


  • PRO + LEGENDARY package +
  • Custom event poster and invites
  • Coffee and tea on arrival
  • Champagne for the winning team
  • Personalised medals for the finalists
  • Personalised cup for the winning team

Are you interested in a corporate event at GARRINCHA®?

If you would like more information, you can request a customised quote from the event manager of your GARRINCHA®center.

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IDEA: Play the upcoming European championship at GARRINCHA® this summer

Next year the European Football Championships will be organised all over Europe. The ideal time to organise a themed tournament where each team represents a country.

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Your custom event

Have you chosen a package and would you like to add something else? Below you can find all possible options for an event 100% to your liking. Together we will make it an unforgettable GARRINCHA® experience! Do you need more information about one of our options? Then contact the event manager at your nearest GARRINCHA® centre.


We offer a variety of food and drink package.


• breakfast package

• Lunch package

• Healthy snacks

• Foodtruck

• Drink packages


We offer numerous activities which we can be combined with a tournament or can take place separately.


• Archery Tag

• Bubble football

• Drone initiation course

• Golf simulator

• Old school games

• Rodeo bull

• Living table football

• Football darts


An event together with the kids? Our activities give them an unforgettable experience.


• Football party

• Freestyle initiation

• Jumping castles

• Padel initiation

• Bubble football

Content & Branding

Do you want footage or do you want to brand our location?


• Aftermovie

• Venue branding

• Professional pictures

• Team shirts

• DJ’s

Our location

In addition to our fields, we have numerous spaces that can be rented.


• Meeting spaces

• Exclusivity of our centre

• Trendy bar

Feel like having a corporate event at GARRINCHA®?

Get in touch!

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• Lageweg 356, 2660 Hoboken
• 03 435 11 10

GARRINCHA® Charleroi

• Chaussée de Bruxelles, 6020 Charleroi
• 03 435 11 10