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Bubble football

Bubble football

What is

Bubble football?

Bubble football is fun and funny! Bubble football is played 5vs5 on a GARRINCHA® field. Every player puts on inflated ball. Running, jumping, falling, rolling and colliding … everything is possible, everything is allowed! That makes it an absolute fun sport! It is the ideal activity for a team building, bachelor party or birthday party.

bubble football at GARRINCHA®



Bubble football is played on a GARRINCHA® field. The field is enclosed by a boarding and nets. The boarding may be used during the game. The nets ensure that the ball cannot escape and therefore stays within the field.

10 bubble balls

We provide 10 bubble balls per GARRINCHA® field. The game is played 5vs5. The game is ultra fun but also very intensive. So you can safely book for more players and change regularly. From 8-20 people.

Ideal for

Bubble football is the ideal activity for a group of friends, colleagues or teammates. In short, perfect for company activities, birthday parties, team building or a bachelor party.

Enthusiastic supervisors

The GARRINCHA® supervisor ensures that your activity runs smoothly. Different games and challenges are being played. The activity can also take place without supervisor.

Video recording

All fields are equipped with cameras which record the entire activity. Ideal to watch all the funny moments with a drink afterwards in our sports bar. You can also find them on our YouTube channel.

Feel like playing bubbel football?

Please leave your details trough the contact form and we will get back to you asap.